Lions Club of North Rocks Inc

District 201N5 New South Wales Australia

About Us

Lions logoLions Clubs are part of community life, in the cities and in the country. Clubs are easily identified by their distinctive Logo, the trademark of our International Association, and the 'We Serve'; motto. 

Lions Australia is part of an international association, filled with people who are joined by the common desire to make their communities better, by using their creativity, enthusiasm and energy.

Membership is open to all people of the community in good standing.

We invite you to listen to some short audio messages about Lions Clubs. 

45 second audio - Help Us Support Medical Research

45 second audio - Lions Clubs help in Disaster Relief

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What is the fund raising record of North Rocks Lions ?


In its 30+ years of existence the Lions Club of North Rocks has raised over $400,000


 Equally as important the members have provided 12,000+ hours of unpaid work to both raise funds and provide services and assistance to the North Rocks Community.


Listed below are some of the more significant donations and project contributions by the club:


North Rocks Deaf and Blind Schools                                                40,000

Various Flood and Disaster relief funds                                             40,000

North Rocks Schools, Scouts and Guides                                          30,000

Caring & Sharing ( Trevor King )                                                      30,000

Various Lions International Relief & Disaster Funds                        55,000

Juvenile Diabetes Foundation                                                            24,000

North Rocks Bush Fire Brigade                                                         10,555

Celeste Tate Trust Fund                                                                       8,000

Inala School                                                                                          6,000

Variety Club                                                                                       12000

Smith Family                                                                                        5,000

Bear Cottage                                                                                         4,300

Wheelchairs to North Rocks residents                                                 5,850

Direct contributions to needy North Rocks families                           3,400

Camp Quality                                                                                       4,100

Allowah Children’s Hospital                                                               20000

Hart Walker devices for disabled children                                          40000